Remote Video Grading

We work with clients across the globe, as DaVinci Resolve offers a remote grading option. It allows two matching DaVinci Resolve systems to be synchronised via a secure connection – so changes made on the colourist’s workstation are immediately applied on the remote client’s workstation.


Cue commands are also synchronized to ensure that both systems are always on the same frame in the Timeline. Starting or stopping playback on the colorist’s DaVinci Resolve also starts and stops the remote client system. While a remote grading session is in progress, input from the user at the remote client’s DaVinci Resolve workstation is ignored.


Currently, the remote grading feature supports only colour correction and does not allow editing or conforming during a session. The two colourist and remote DaVinci Resolve systems must have matching timelines and the number of clips, clip durations and system resolutions must match. The requirements and limitations of a remote grading session are summarised below.


Both systems must use the same calibrated display resolution.

The timeline must be conformed on both systems before remote grading session starts.

The number of clips and their duration must be identical for each timeline.

Identical versions of DaVinci Resolve must be used on both systems.

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