An Alternative to the Post Houses in London

We offer a fantastic alternative to the post houses in London with powerful DaVinci Resolve grading systems, that give precise workflows. Our spacious suite is designed to make your grading session as enjoyable as possible. Our dedicated Blackmagic control panel will bring out the absolute best from your session in the given time. Our resident colourist, Rebecca Goodeve, is on hand to push the capabilities of our hardware with any grade. Her network within the Blackmagic Design community is second to none.

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Author Colour is an independent post production house located in the picturesque parish of Leigh-on-Sea. It has frequently been cited as one of the best places to live in the UK, owing to factors such as: its proximity to London, good access to arts activities, and multiple opportunities to develop skills. A survey by Rightmove found that Leigh was the happiest place to live in the UK!

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After spending the past six years learning the ins and outs of Digital Intermediate with Blackmagic’s DaVinci Resolve, our Colourist Rebecca Goodeve sets out to leave her indelible mark and creativity on projects ranging from Features, Broadcast and Commercials.


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