Colour grading services

Colour grading is an essential part of post production, and allows you to enhance video with results to attract and interest more viewers. We help you tell your story and create a more compelling project.


We are passionate about the process of colour grading and correction. Our services achieve professional quality colour for your online content, broadcast and films through industry standard post production workflows.

Discover Author Colour’s full range of services below, from colour grading to digital dailies.

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Colour grading

We use DaVinci Resolve’s set of innovative editing, colour grading and post production tools to bring projects to life. We fuse offline and online editing with a level of creative flexibility limited by our own imaginations, so we can explore the full capabilities of your production. With the ability to work with multiple editors, assistants, colourists and VFX artists, DaVinci Resolve is the standard for our complete high end post production process.

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Remote grading

The power of a remote session through DaVinci Resolve allows us to control and grade on a completely different system that contains the same media. We synchronise our processes so that adjustments made on the colourist’s system are immediately applied on the client’s end in real time. Deliverables can be rendered on either system once the project is complete allowing you to save both time and money with the entire team able to sit through the session.

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Digital Dailies

Our custom, fully-managed digital workflows are bespoke for your production. Our industry-standard studio allows us to create editorial files, sync audio to picture, pull shots and output for vfx, supply metadata management, perform stringent QC and reporting, be prepared for on-set supervision through look creation, as well as grading the rushes. We will be a 40 minute drive from the newly-proposed Dagenham Film and TV studio.

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